STEP 1 : Find your inspiration.

The Great Outdoors! There is something really special about grilling steaks on your deck for a group of friends, or having a nightcap while lounging beside the fire pit on your patio, or washing the workweek away in your hot tub.
These experiences are ones that last.  They help us to draw closer to those around us.  They help us to remain connected to the things that really matter.
ReTouch is designed to help you accomplish these goals.  We want to create spaces where life happens.
You have outdoor spaces that are special and unique to you. Our goal is to help you find what motivates you to want to build your outdoor space.
Or sometimes, you know what you want, but you find it hard to put into words. Here are some pictures that we hope are worth more.
Find your Inspiration (Click this button to go to see images)

STEP 2: Translate your inspiration into words.

During this step we help you do the following:


a)  Discover what you want and need to accomplish with the project
b)  Discuss your budget range and time constraints
c)  Define your commitment level


This is all achieved through an Initial Consultation.

STEP 3: Take your inspiration to the drawing board.

How your inspiration looks to you is important to us. We want to help you design/build a space that meets all of your wants and needs.
The exciting part of this step is that you see your inspiration come to life. We will create designs/solutions, plans, and blueprints that set in motion the initial stages of your renovation. Here is where you begin to see how that living space will truly improve your life and your relationships.
This is all achieved through a series of design meetings.

STEP 4: Plan the logistics of building your inspiration.

Here is where the "rubber meets the road". Based on the wants and needs that you provide us with, we visit suppliers and select the products, colors, and finishes that best paint your inspiration.
Our team will walk through the space to check the details and refine the plan details. And, most importantly, we design a yellow-brick road timeline to follow in our creation of your new outdoor living space.

STEP 5: Put your inspiration into action.

We review the project details with you and we move forward in creating that living space that will truly transform how you live and relate to others.

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